Family Relationships

Advice on everything from child custody to cohabitation & prenuptial agreements

Horsey Lightly is proud to be a member of Resolution, an organisation committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes. Widely respected for their excellent approach, our family solicitors cover everything from child custody to financial settlements, to civil partnerships, cohabitation agreements and prenuptial agreements.

Horsey Lightly's team are all members of Resolution

You may be at the beginning of a relationship and planning a future with someone and need advice on your rights, how to protect your future, your finances and any children involved.  We can help you with things such as cohabitation agreements and pre-nuptial contracts.  We also understand that sometimes family relationships hit difficulties and must sometimes come to an end.  This could include a separation agreement, custody arrangements for children or a financial settlement. Whatever the circumstances, we will support you and your family's interests with straightforward advice, a friendly approach and strong legal representation.

Who we are

We are a team of very experienced family solicitors.  Horsey Lightly's team are all members of 'Resolution'.  This is an organisation that encourages and supports the resolution of family matters in a constructive, fair and non threatening way.

Committed to good practice

Everything we do is underpinned by the defining principles of Resolution, and we operate according to its excellent Code of Practice. Now widely recognised, the code has been adopted by the Law Society and is recommended as good practice for all family lawyers. It means that, whatever the specifics of your case, we will establish civil relationships with all parties and encourage differences to be put aside in the interests of reaching a fair agreement.

Areas we cover

We deal with a number of areas related to personal relationships and marriage.

Below are some questions that you may want answered before you come and see us

How we can help you

Whatever your circumstances we will make sure that you know your rights and understand your options.  It is important to us that you put the right things in place to ensure you have all possiblities covered and peace of mind that if things do not work out down the line, you and your family will be protected.  We will always do our best to make sure that all parties are in agreement and that we keep your costs as low as we are reasonably able.

Protecting your rights

These days not everyone decides to get married.  Many families are made up of couples living together, often with children from past relationships.  It is important that you know how the law can protect you should things not go to plan.  Without such legal agreements in place, things can get very messy and costly for both parties.  A separation of any kind is emotionally draining.  If we can help you plan for the financial and legal issues in advance, this will take a load off your shoulders.

The next step

We would arrange a meeting with you to cover your options.  These could include things such as a cohabitation agreement, a pre-nuptial contract or a declaration of trust.  We understand that you may never have heard of these before so we will explain what they are, how they work and how they can protect you.  Sometimes families come to us to discuss adoption or other areas regarding children.  We have worked in all these areas so will be able to help.

The Family Relationships Team