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Get Set; 7 steps to preparing for a divorce

42% of marriages end in divorce which means that 58% stay together.  But what if you are in the 42%?  What steps can you take to be prepared?  Getting divorced is a highly stressful experience.  It can be a lengthy process and will undoubtedly cause a surge of mixed emotions, including stress, guilt, loss and often anxiety. The division of a property, a home, a family, savings, and possessions is no mean feat.  Knowing what to expect and getting yourself ready for the process will pay dividends.

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Divorce & Separation 

Covid-19 and Business Tenancies

 Government announcement that business tenants who cannot pay their rent because of the pandemic will be protected from eviction not living up to the hype. 

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Divorce 'Blame Game' to end

 Divorcing couples may no longer have to blame one another for the breakdown of their marriage as a Bill that seeks to reduce family conflict proceeds through Parliament.

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Divorce & Separation 

What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the legal and administrative process carried out when a house or flat is purchased or sold.

Upon instructing a solicitor to act on your behalf, there will be various anti-money laundering and identity checks to be carried out before any work can be carried out. Once these compliance checks have been carried out, the conveyancing process begins.

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