Sponsors of the Watermill Theatre’s Jungle Book Christmas Production

We are delighted to be Principal Sponsor again of The Watermill Theatre’s Christmas production. This year, the production is The Jungle Book, a definite family favourite. As a local business it is very important that we support the community including The Arts.

 Katie Harris, Alison Coles and David Stewart were invited to a behind the scenes peek on the first day of rehearsals to meet the cast and creative team.  Katie Harris described the visit.

“Director and Adapter, Tom Jackson Greaves, presented his vision for the show along with the Designer, Jasmine Swan, who offered a sneak peek at the set and costume design. 
Given the difficulties of the past couple of years, it was lovely to be able to go in person and meet the team putting together this amazing musical adaptation. Having been a personal ‘fan’ of The Watermill Theatre for a long time, it was really special to be able to go behind-the-scenes and see the amount of hard work and creativity that goes into a production. It was particularly interesting to see how the audience would be transported from West Berkshire into the heart of the jungle! 
Tom has approached the re-telling of this childhood favourite from a unique and interesting angle which I believe many will relate to; the finding of one’s place within the world. A feeling which resonates with lots of young people today and brings a new perspective to this story. We were also taken through the thought process and inspiration for the set design and costumes, both of which promise a mesmerising and engaging performance.
The Jungle Book will be an experience you will not want to miss, and I can only thank The Watermill Theatre for letting us be a spectator to the process.”

The Jungle Book runs at The Watermill Theatre from Thu 18 Nov – Fri 31 Dec 2021 and is 
recommended for children aged 4+

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