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Thinking of moving home?

 Get a conveyancing quote in seconds using our on line tool. 

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Newbury Pride 2023

 It is the 10th anniversary of the legalisation of same-sex marriage and we are delighted to sponsor and support Newbury Pride 2023

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Need an Italian speaking divorce lawyer ?

 Family law can be tricky enough at the best of times, but even more so if English is not your first language. There are some complicated legal concepts and processes involved in divorce and separation, and it can be hard to understand these in a second language. Perhaps less obvious is the fact is that it is more difficult for your solicitor too – we want to act in your best interests, and in order to do that it is important that you fully understand the advice we give. 

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Divorce & Separation 

Grieving through divorce

 We all know that divorce or separation is one of the most difficult processes a person can go through, and yet you may not immediately link these with grief. After all, they are not the same as a bereavement for example, and it may feel odd to grieve a relationship that is likely not to have been satisfactory.

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Divorce & Separation 

Top 5 things to do once your divorce comes through

 Divorce can be one of the most stressful times of a person’s life and so it’s understandable why sometimes an individual just wants to close this chapter of their life really quickly and move on. However, it’s vitally important not to “bury your head in the sand” and ensure that everything has been dealt with that needs to be dealt with so that there are no nasty loose ends waiting to trip you up in the future. Here are 5 of the top issues to check whether you are currently going through a divorce or divorced many years ago

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Divorce & Separation 

Inheritance in divorce

 Clients often want to know whether their spouse will be entitled to make a claim on their inheritance once the divorce process has started. While there is no single, straightforward answer to this question, this post will try to explain how a Court might decide how inherited assets are to be treated. 

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  “Good Divorce Week” falls at the end of this month, a time when the legal profession aims to raise awareness of the alternatives to court proceedings. Our last post talked about collaborative law but this article intends to provide more information about another alternative to court by focussing on mediation. Both the Government and the Family Courts are committed to growing mediation as an alternative to contested court proceedings couples engaging but what is mediation and is it right for you?

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Divorce & Separation 

Divorce or Separation under the Collaborative process

 The collaborative process can help you and your ex reach agreement about financial matters or children’s arrangements whilst retaining your own team of professionals.

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Parental alienation

 Parental alienation is a much-used, but much misunderstood term, used frequently in relation to children matters. 

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Sorting out children’s arrangements when parents separate

As difficult as it may seem at first, managing to successfully parent across two homes is achievable.

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Divorce & Separation