Carl Wheeler

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Carl Wheeler

Chartered Legal Executive

Wills, Probate & Tax Law Department  

Specialist in private and family law   

  • Preparing new wills
  • Updating wills by the use of codicils – additions or modifications
  • Estate administration – probate and dealing with the property, money and possessions of a dead person’s estate 
  • Letters of administration
  • Drafting and registering lasting powers of attorney (LPA)

About Carl

Carl helps to prepare wills and lasting powers of attorney (LPA), and administers estates in probate.

Carl focusses primarily on these aspects of law. He strongly believes that a well-crafted will gives his clients’ peace of mind in today, and avoids a whole host of potential problems when it comes to administering their estate in the future. He has prepared robust wills for a variety of clients with estates that varied widely in value and complexity.  

Carl’s career
Joining Horsey Lightly’s Accounts Department in 2007, Carl quickly discovered an interest and aptitude for law. In 2009 he became a paralegal in the Wills, Probate & Tax Law Department, by 2016 he had completed the academic stage of his training and, by 2018, had been admitted as a Chartered Legal Executive. Today Carl focusses on private client and family law and has already extended the services he offers to include the preparation of lasting powers of attorney.

Some of Carl’s work highlights
  • Writing wills for a married couple who wanted to ensure that, should one of them die, a share of their property was protected against being used for future care fees. 
  • Writing a will to make sure a disabled person receives their full inheritance.
  • Administering an estate with assets in a number of different countries, including France, Holland and Jersey, which involved applying for a Grant of Probate in Jersey and arranging for the assets to be returned to the UK.

Life beyond the office

In his spare time, Carl enjoys a good book, playing his guitar and developing software – he’s even created a number of programs for the firm.

Carl works primarily on probate matters but is extending his workload to include the preparation of Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

In his spare time Carl enjoys getting into a good book and playing his guitar. Carl also has an interest in developing software and has created a number of programs for the firm.